5 Reasons Water Flossers Are Great for Kids

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You should already be familiar with flossing, but have you heard of water flossers? These use a jet of water to clean the space between your teeth instead of the traditional string or tape. They offer benefits for a wide range of people, but they can be particularly beneficial for kids. Here are just five reasons why you should think about buying your child a water flosser.

1. Helps Improve Oral Health

First and foremost, water flossers are great for your child's oral health. While brushing is obviously very important, it doesn't get to the spaces between teeth. This means small bits of food can get stuck and plaque can gain a foothold. This can be a particular issue for young children who can be more likely to get food stuck between their teeth. A water flosser helps keep those spaces clean, reducing the risk of cavities and other issues.

2. Makes Oral Care Fun

Every parent knows how hard it can be to make their kids follow a good oral healthcare routine, but water flossers can make things much easier. Why? Because they're fun for kids to use! There's a novelty to them, and it feels more fun and like a game to use a water flosser. You can make water flossers even more engaging for children by picking up a themed one that is made for kids.

3. Easy for Younger Hands

Flossing is important at any age, but younger children often find it harder to move the floss around their mouths and get to every area since they generally aren't as coordinated or careful as adults. With a water flosser, this isn't an issue. They're much easier to use than conventional flossing methods, so kids shouldn't run into any issues or give up because flossing is too hard.

4. No Problems with Pressure

Even when kids do start flossing, they often apply too much pressure in certain areas, and that can actually be bad for their gums. Water flossers remove this issue since they maintain consistent pressure that is never going to be strong enough to do any damage or cause any discomfort.

5. Builds Good Habits

Finally, keep in mind that providing your child with a water flosser can help them build good oral healthcare habits that will continue throughout their lives. One reason many people don't floss even when they're full-grown adults is that they simply never got into the habit of caring for interdental areas as a child. By introducing your child to flossing early using a water flosser, you can help them enjoy healthy teeth and gums for decades to come.

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