Caring for Your Dental Braces

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Braces are some of the most common treatment options in cosmetic dentistry. They will correct a range of dental problems such as overcrowded teeth, misalignment and crooked teeth. This will help improve your smile. What's more, some dental problems such as crooked and misaligned teeth can make it quite hard for you to clean your teeth properly, and that can greatly affect your overall dental hygiene. However, caring for your braces is the key to getting the most out of the treatment. For this reason, here are some tips to help you care for your dental braces the right way.

Cleaning with Braces

Brushing your teeth with braces seems simple, but you can make a few mistakes that may prove quite costly to your dental health. Food particles can easily find their way between the braces. Therefore, you have to do a little extra when it comes to cleaning your teeth with braces. If you don't clean your teeth properly, you can easily end up with dental problems such as plaque, which can eventually lead to gingivitis.

Generally, you can clean your teeth twice a day — in the morning and before you go to bed. However, with braces, you will have to clean your teeth after every meal. The type of toothbrush you use is also important. A soft toothbrush or an electric toothbrush can do the trick. However, for the best results, consider a toothbrush with a smaller head like those that resemble a Christmas tree. Such a toothbrush is designed to clean perfectly between your braces. The smaller head makes it possible to easily reach in between the wires as well as the brackets.

Remember to take off the rubber bands before brushing. The work of the bands is to connect the top of your mouth to the bottom. Therefore, don't confuse these with the small ones that connect your teeth. Removing the rubber bands will give you an easier time cleaning your teeth.

Eating and Drinking

It's important to watch what you eat as well as drink when you have braces. There is a variety of foods you should stay away from. As a general rule of the thumb, avoid hard, sticky and chewy foods. Caramels, gummy candy and other such sticky foods can easily get stuck between the wires and brackets. Crunchy foods, on the other hand, such as popcorn, are also likely to get lodged in the brackets. If you must take some foods such as carrots and apples, cut them into tiny pieces first. If you have the clear ceramic braces, you will have to stay away from smoking and staining drinks such as red wine and coffee.

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