Dental Check Up: Are Your Kids Ready to Go on Their Own?

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Dental checkups are very important for a sound foundation of your child's dental health. Overall, they are able to chew better, have a brilliant smile and maintain a higher self-esteem in their teenage years. Visiting a friendly and a personable dentist is one of many steps to creating a functional relationship between the dentist and your kids.

Dentist recommends that you take your little one for their first dental exam after their first birthday. It is during this time that the gums are flexible and delicate and their first teeth have started to develop. The early dental visit can be short and informal as its more of a meet and greet. It allows your kids(s) to meet the dentist in a friendly manner.

Continuous dental checkups are essential to making sure your kids maintain a healthy oral treatment history. Other than detecting and managing dental problems, continuous visits will allow a non-threatening relationship between your kids and your family dentist. This way, your kids will be enthusiastic about their next dental visit.

Here's how to know your kids are ready to see the dentist on their own:

What is your kid's dental history?

Continuous dental visits allow progress for healthy teeth development. A dental history can include anything from a successful recovery from a minor dental accident, placement, and removal of braces to set your kids teeth in place to tooth decay treatment or just routine checkups. If your kids have a painless and positive experience with the dentist, they will relate better to them later on.

Does the dentist minimise any anxieties and make your kids feel comfortable?

A dentist should be able to make the dental visit fun and relatable rather than dull and boring for your kids. Your family dentist should be able to create a friendly treatment atmosphere to allow your kids to feel free to raise any concerns they may have during treatment.

Do your kids remind you of keeping their dental appointment?

If your kids view the dentist as the superhero for their teeth, it's an indication of a positive dental experience.  This will spark some enthusiasm about their next dental visit. Teach your kids how to mark out appointment dates on their calendars and even encourage them to set reminders for their big day.

Routine dental checkups, at least twice every year, guarantees a good oral health for your kids. They are also essential in helping your kids gain confidence and enthusiasm in the dentist.