The Domino Effect of Missing Teeth: 6 Drastic Changes That Arise From Not Replacing Missing Teeth

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When a child loses a tooth, not only do they get paid for that tooth, compliments of the tooth fairy, but they also get a free replacement. Teens and adults, on the other hand, only get one chance to take care of their teeth. There are no backup teeth waiting in reserve nor is there a tooth fairy ready to swoop in and leave you a dollar or two whilst you sleep. When a tooth is gone, it's gone.

Fortunately, modern dentistry can replace lost teeth in various ways. It doesn't matter how much you earn, or how strong your fear of the dentist's chair--everyone is catered for. That's why if you lose a tooth or, god forbid, more than one tooth, you can get it replaced fairly quickly. However, if, for whatever reason, you don't get a tooth or teeth replaced, you should be prepared for the domino effect.

Effect 1: Shifting Teeth

Your teeth are able to feel due to the periodontal ligaments attached to their roots. This allows them to feel the presence of the teeth around them. When an adjacent tooth goes missing, the surrounding teeth may then slowly drift into the resulting gap. If one tooth moves, this causes the other teeth to move.

Effect 2: Weakened Bite

If all your teeth shift as a result of one missing tooth, your bite will change. Not only will opposing teeth no longer meet as they should while chewing, but some teeth will crowd together. This will make oral hygiene more difficult and cause teeth to collide.

Effect 3: Broken Teeth

Naturally, if your bite changes, your teeth will no longer meet comfortably. They may collide and get in each other's way as you chew or speak. Eventually, they will break as a result.

Effect 4: Diet Changes

Broken teeth will deteriorate and you mean even lose some of them. This will make eating more difficult. No longer will you be able to enjoy your favorite meals. Vegetables will be harder to eat, nuts, steak, and even bread may become a chore. Your diet will suffer and as a result, your health will deteriorate.

Effect 5: Bone Loss

Like your teeth, your bone responds to pressure. This pressure lets your body know that bone is needed to support your teeth. If a tooth is lost, your body then begins to break down the bone in the area where the tooth was lost. The bone is no longer necessary as far as your body is concerned.

Effect 6: Lack of Confidence

Bone loss of the jawbone will cause your face to shrink, decreasing the space between your chin and nose, giving your face a shrunken appearance. This will cause more wrinkles. Coupled with the gaps in your smile, ultimately, your confidence will suffer and you'll wish that you replaced those teeth sooner.

As you can see, a single missing tooth can affect your life in a number of ways. If you have lost a tooth recently, act quickly to get it replaced. There are many ways to replace a missing tooth, from partial dentures to dental implants. First, you need to take that all-important step and book an appointment with an emergency dentist.