Benefits of A Dentist Fitted Mouthguard for your Young Athlete

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As a parent, you've probably spent your entire weekend attending your kid's soccer tournaments and country cross meets, not to mention the evening field hockey practice you have to pick them up from every week day.

While sports and outdoor activities are highly beneficial for your children, injuries that occur during such activities can be devastating. It's important to protect your young athletes from the ever-present risk of contact to their teeth, jaw and face while playing.

Mouth guards can help prevent sports-related dental injuries during an impact. Although there are a variety of over the counter mouth guards, a dentist-fitted mouth guard is the best way of protecting your child's dental health.

Other benefits include:

Proper fit

A dentist-fitted mouth guard offers the best fit for your child. Chances are that a ready-made mouth guard will not provide the best fitting for your child. Lack of a proper fit will require the mouth to stay closed to hold the mouth guard in place, which increases the tendency to gag and causes difficulty in breathing.

A mouth guard fitted by a dentist, on the other hand, is moulded around your child's jaw and teeth structure to provide the perfect fit. Also, the mouth guard is designed to suit the specific sport your child plays. Also, you get the freedom to choose the material you want to offer the best fit and protection for your child.

Additional comfort

Since a dentist-fitted mouth guard is made for the direct impression of your child's mouth, it doesn't require any alterations or unwanted material to make it comfortable. A close fit means your child doesn't have to keep their mouth closed to hold the mouth guard in place, which makes breathing and talking much easier.

Also, your kids are more likely to wear a dentist-fitted mouth guard since it's not hurting or poking them, which means you don't have to worry about them ''forgetting'' to wear it or sustaining dental injuries.

Preventative dental care

Think about how many times you've had to rush to an emergency dentist office as a result of your child chipping a tooth while playing soccer or biting through their lip during a bad fall playing basketball.

A properly fitted mouth guard is an intelligent preventative measure for any child who is passionate about sports.  They reduce the need for emergency dental care by protecting your child's teeth during impact.

Make sure to book an appointment with your dentist for a custom fitted mouth guard for the maximum protection of your child's smile.