5 Reasons to Fit a Zirconia Dental Implant Instead of a Titanium One

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Whether you're having a single missing tooth replaced with a dental implant or are having a couple of implants fitted in order to anchor implant dentures, you'll often be able to choose what material you'd like your implant to be made from. This is an important decision, so you should really give thought to the benefits that zirconia provides over titanium.

Here are just five.

1. Seamless Construction

A dental implant can never be all titanium; that would make you look like a Bond villain! With titanium implants, only the root section is actually titanium; a more natural false tooth will then be connected to the top. This is actually problematic since the space where the two parts join can attraction bacteria. A zirconia implant is made from one single piece of material, with no connection points potentially harbouring bacteria.

2. Zirconia is Non-Corrosive

You might not think that corrosion would be something to worry about with a dental implant, but that is unfortunately not the case. Since titanium is a metal, it can be corroded, and this is actually made more likely to occur thanks to the acids in a person's mouth. Luckily enough, zirconia is a completely non-corrosive material.

3. Zirconia Assimilates with the Jaw Bone More Easier

When you have a dental implant fitted, the root section is drilled right down into the jawbone. Part of the reason why you need to have a healing period between the drilling of the root section and the placement of the rest of the implant is to give the root section a chance to be assimilated with the jawbone. This vital process, which is known as osseointegration, is faster and less prone to inflammation with zirconia since it is a more biocompatible material.

4. Zirconia Looks More Natural

As stated above, the titanium section of your implant should never actually be visible above the gum line. Unfortunately, things don't often work out that way in real life. Patients who suffer from poor oral health are likely to be prone to gum recession. Alternatively, you may find that you have quite translucent gums. In any case, the result will be a greying of the gums as the titanium beneath begins to show through. Zirconia is pure white, so this should never be a problem.

5. Zirconia Is Hypoallergenic

Finally, keep in mind that some people have metal allergies. It's common for people to go through life without being away that they are slightly allergic to metal, but they'll certainly find out when their immune system starts reacting negatively to a titanium implant. Of course, the immune system doesn't react at all to zirconia.