Think You're the Model When It Comes to Dental Care? Maybe You Should Think Again

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How many times have you been told that you need to brush and floss your teeth twice every day? You don't need to hear this again, do you? While that is fair enough, the chances are that you are engaging in some other behaviours that are really bad for your teeth, without realising it. What else do you need to think about if you're going to avoid too many unscheduled visits to the dentist?

Industrial Strength Brushing

Some people seem to think that if you're supposed to brush your teeth, that you'd better make a really good job of it. However, you don't actually need to apply any pressure at all when you're brushing, as the act itself is sufficient to break up the bacteria that is trying to form plaque on the surface. The plaque becomes difficult to remove when it is set in place. During the early stages of formation, it's quite soft.

If you are too forceful, you also risk causing damage to the gums. You can break their surface, and this could allow bacteria to enter and multiply.

Don't Be Too Eager

Did you know that you should also wait for at least half an hour after eating before you brush your teeth? This is because a certain amount of the acid content of the food or drink could still be sitting on the surface of the tooth. If you rub the acid into the surface by brushing, it could erode the enamel.

Only Use Your Teeth for Chewing Food

Your teeth are there for a specific reason. They are meant to break and then chew the right type of food for your nutrition. 

You should never chew on ice cubes. The extreme cold and hardness will damage your teeth. 

You also shouldn't use your teeth to take the top off a beer bottle or to open a bag of crisps. Once again, misuse can lead to cracks or fractures.

Biting Nails and Grinding Teeth

If you are one of those people who bites their nails on a regular basis, you need to break yourself of this habit. This will generate the wrong type of pressure when your teeth come together and the bite forces will create enough energy to cause more chips in your teeth.

Similarly, if you grind your teeth when under pressure, try and break this habit through relaxation exercises. Clenching your jaw can cause an enormous downward force on your teeth, which will most certainly wear them down over time.