Teeth Whitening Mistakes To Avoid

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When it comes to teeth, everybody would love to have them white and bright. This thirst for an appealing smile has led many astray, causing them to perform some damaging DIY procedures. With all these online teeth whitening creams advertised all over the place, it's no surprise how much they are being misused. If you want to give your teeth a shine, then you need to do it right. Here are some of the top mistakes to avoid.

Keeping the whiteners for a longer time

Some people fall into the temptation of leaving the whitening strips much longer on the teeth before taking them off. This doesn't make your teeth whiter any more than they should. In fact, you are damaging them. The kits containing these whiteners have time limit instructions and they were placed there for a reason. Keeping these strips too long increases your teeth sensitivity.

Going too white

You should also avoid using the strips frequently; twice a year should be enough. Constantly whitening your teeth won't get you that ivory-white smile you so desperately want. It will instead cause your teeth to lose their healthy sheen. Their natural white fades to a chalky colour, and there may be splotches on them that can make their appearance an eye sore. A good tip is matching you teeth with the colour of your eye whites.

Whitening decaying teeth

Don't ignore any presence of decay on your teeth. Once you start bleaching your teeth and there's decay, then you're in trouble. The beaching chemicals can seep into the damaged teeth and severely punish your nerves. This leads to acute pain and also increases the damage on your teeth. Get a dentist to help you clean your teeth and confirm that they are in good condition before whitening.

Using one-size-fits-all trays

Once you buy a home kit that relies solely on mouth trays, then you are risking getting oral problems. These trays are usually oversized to enable them to fit any mouth, so you'll be sure of getting the chemicals on your gums one time or the other. This will eventually lead to pain, damage and sensitivity in your gums. Aim to purchase custom-built trays. These trays will guide the bleach to the areas of the mouth you want.

Using whitening mouthwashes

Opting for whitening mouthwashes doesn't get your teeth to gleaming levels. They have a lot of alcohol content, and using them often is hard on the other parts of the mouth.