Understanding the Value of Partial Dentures

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If you have missing teeth, you might need to look into getting partial dentures. They help in more ways than just filling the gaps in your teeth for aesthetic/cosmetic value.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Simply put, a partial denture is a gum-coloured plastic plate/base with some metallic parts. Depending on where you have missing teeth, artificial teeth are attached to the same position on the plastic base. You are expected to wear the partial denture and remove it when you need to, especially when you sleep. The metallic parts help hold it in position.

Why Are Partial Dentures Popular?

Compared to alternatives like dental implants, partial dentures are cheaper and less invasive. No surgery is required. You just visit your dentist for measurements and a mould is created. You are then given a date to pick them up. The most common are acrylic partial dentures. However, you may come across alloy and nylon-like partial dentures.

How Do Partial Dentures Help?

The obvious benefit you get from dentures is the cosmetic benefit. You tend to have a better smile without missing teeth.

The second benefit is that partial dentures prevent the teeth next to the gap from bending or trying to fill the gap. Bending creates more gaps in other places, and you might end up having misaligned teeth.

Third, a tooth can over-erupt. This is when a tooth grows excessively if there is no tooth on the opposite jaw. Partial dentures check this problem.

You might also have realised that your speech changes without particular teeth. Partial dentures help get your pronunciation back.

How Do You Clean Dentures?

Dentures need to be cleaned. This can be done as you brush your teeth before sleeping. Take care of them just as you would your natural teeth. Food particles can affect dentures if not removed. Your dentist will give you tips on caring for your dentures. He or she cannot let you leave the clinic without giving you some instructions.

Why Shouldn't You Try To Repair Your Dentures?

If anything happens to your dentures, take them back to your dentist for repair. Avoid fixing them because you might damage them further or cause injuries to your mouth. Being that you use your mouth daily, you can have a tough time before the injuries heal.

Why Do You Need To Adjust To Dentures?

Do not expect the dentures to feel comfortable instantly. You need some time to get used to them. The amount of time is different for everyone.